On this page you will find all you need to know about the Suitcase.Repair fitting guarantee which helps to ensure that you always receive matching parts. Additionally, you will learn how to request a return and how your return will be processed. In case your question is not answered please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

The Suitcase.Repair Fitting Guarantee

Finding matching suitcase spare parts can be so easy. Simply search for your suitcase model number and let us do the heavy lifting of checking which parts fit your suitcase.

As part of our Suitcase.Repair Fitting Guarantee we guarantee that the spare parts returned by our search, when searching for your suitcase model number, will 100% fit your suitcase.

Read more below to find out what conditions apply to benefit from our fitting guarantee.

Suitcase.Repair Fitting Guarantee

The Suitcase.Repair fitting guarantee applies to all spare parts which have been recommended by our search when searching for the correct suitcase model number.

For the guarantee to apply it is essential that you search for the model number of your suitcase. You can find out more where to find your suitcase model number here.

Important: We strongly advise against selecting spare parts by visual comparison as this can be often misleading. As these parts are not recommended by our search they will not be covered by our fitting guarantee.

Additionally, the following exclusions and limitations apply:

  • For spare parts for which a 'Comparison Required' warning is displayed in search results the fitting guarantee only applies if the comparison has been performed prior to purchase. The fitting guarantee does not apply in cases where both items which need to be compared prior to purchase are ordered. If you are unsure on which of the items you require please kindly contact our service team prior to purchase.
  • The Suitcase.Repair does not apply to alternative products suggested on the product page but only to spare parts shown in the search results when searching for the suitcase model number.

In such cases your purchases is only covered if the visual comparison has been performed as required before purchase.

The differences between the parts may look small on the images e.g. a slightly different shape, slight deviations in the wheel design, different logo placement and other small differences. If you have trouble identifying which item you require please contact our service team before purchasing.

In case no comparison is performed prior to purchase but the spare parts are ordered to compare them at home our fitting guarantee does not apply.

For many spare parts we may be able to offer you alternative spare parts which likely also fit your suitcase despite not being the original spare part used on your suitcase. These can be spare parts with a similar shape, the identical spare part in a different color or similar.

While we have determined that these parts are very likely to fit your suitcase we can unfortunately not cover these spare part alternatives under our Suitcase.Repair fitting guarantee.

The reason for this is that in rare cases it is possible that details such as the positioning of the screws or the dimensions may not be 100% identical leading to a less than ideal fit.

For purchases covered by our Suitcase.Repair Fitting Guarantee we will organize a free return for you if the spare parts do not fit your suitcase.

In such cases we would kindly ask you to contact our customer service team (see contact details below) with images showing your suitcase model number and showing the issue you are facing with the spare parts.

Afterwards, our service team will check if we can organize different parts which will fit your case.


At suitcase.repair we aim to provide perfectly matching spare parts for as many customers as possible.

We are very sorry if we should have failed to meet your expectation or if the parts do not fit.

Simply contact our customer service team with the reason you wish to return your order and stating which products you wish to return and our service team will be glad to assist you.

Please note that we can only accept returns for:

  • unused spare parts which are in their original condition
  • spare part sets if the entire set is returned. The return of parts of a set is not permitted.

In case of returns the customer is responsible for the return of the goods.

For items returned as part of our Suitcase.Repair Fitting Guarantee please contact our customer service team with images of the suitcase model number and images showing why the parts do not fit. Afterwards, our service team will provide you with a free return shipping label.

All returns have to be addressed to:

Subke GmbH

c/o Suitcase.Repair

Pulverweg 6

21337 Lüneburg

Our service team is also able to assist you in organizing a pre-paid return shipping label for your order. The cost of the return shipping label will in such cases be deducted from the refund amount.

The refund will be automatically initiated after the return has arrived in our warehouse and has been processed. It may take 1-4 working days until your return has been processed.

The refund amount is calculated on the basis of the product price plus the cost of shipping paid. The refund for shipping costs is limited to the cheapest available shipping rate offered at the time of purchase. If you have requested our service team to issue you a return shipping label the cost of the return shipping label will be deducted from the refund amount.

In case of returns you are responsible to organize and pay for the return shipping (unless the parts are covered by our fitting guarantee). Generally, you are able to use any shipping service of your choice, we do however recommend to select an insured service with tracking to prevent the parcel from being lost.

Alternatively, our customer service team can assist you and issue you a prepaid return shipping label from DPD or DHL (depending on the region). The cost of return shipping will in such cases be deducted from the refund amount.

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