Providing insurance for luggage can be challenging due to the variety of spare parts available and the breadth of damage patterns. To reduce the burden of offering baggage insurance and to avoid the overstatement of loss amount we are offering a variety of services aimed at insurance companies.

Baggage Repairability Assessment

Evaluating the damage caused to luggage may be a complicated endeavor. For damages requiring only the replacement of certain components we check if the required parts are still available and if sold out still purchasable.

For more complicated damages which would require the item to be sent in to a repair center we provide an estimate for the approximate repair cost and an evaluation if the repair cost may exceed the replacement value.

Historical Retail Price & Replacement Cost Assessment

In cases where a repair is no longer possible and the item needs to be replaced the accurate calculation of the time value is of great importance. Unfortunately, the estimated historical retail price is often overstated making the time value determination often an inaccurate and obscure process.

Through our specialization in luggage repairs and our extensive data on historical retail prices we can provide you with accurate estimations on the historical retail price, the approximate cost of a replacement and the time value based on your calculation requirements.

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